Back from my Holiday and Cracking on….





Thought I’d show you one of the fabric designs I made for the fairground appliqué’s I am showing for my final show, which is only a month away. (AAAARGH) Am beside myself and don’t know where to start, have delegated some bits (not the design bits obviously) and sent the cushions to Autumn Down to be made up, for me, If I win the lottery there would be acrobats and elephants up at the American Museum in Bath on the Private View night, (27th Sept 6-8) playing with cushions and a seal with one balanced on his nose, but I haven’t so there won’t be! Apart from that, only have plinths to complete, dissertationy, booky things to write, sketch books to annotate, business cards to order, Press packs to make and sundry other nonsense that will surely send me to an early grave, and yet I will be immensely sad when its all over, what am I going to do for 40 hrs a week then? Definitely won’t be housework thats for sure……

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