Another day another 20 items ticked off the list….


Today I finally finished my evaluation of the course, 6,000 beastly words, when I am already massively busy trying to ensure I have everything I need for staging the MA show in two and a bit weeks time, (EEEEK! palpitations) I decided to do it as an A-Z so that the poor old tutors would have fun following a very disjointed, frustrating and irritating thread through the entire dictionary, ha! serves them right, its been a bit of a disjointed frustrating experience, of course its been amazing too but I can’t in all conscience say that my A-Z is amazing, modesty forbids. I have spent many hours making it into a book on Indesign, get me….

I have also had a very patient graphic designer talking me through illustrator via email in order to get cushion labels printed, its not as easy as digital print in the real world, anyway he’s called Chris and he works at Penine Labels if anyone needs some, I sent a photoshop file and it needs to be curves done on Illustrator which I can’t do, well I couldn’t, but I can now a bit, cos he told me how.

I had some swing tags ordered with my logo on it from Cotton trends as you can order less than 1,000 which all helps the money.

I ordered 400 business cards from Moo with my pictures on which took ages to upload.

I now have to make a list of things to take to the museum, ladders, tick, fishing line, tick, metal pole tick, get me AGAIN!

Just plinths and lettering to sort out and sketchbook and I’m almost there, can’t imagine thats it though, bound to be a last minute panic for something……


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