Busy, Busy, Busy,

Have been off the radar for a few weeks, as I had to design and make 140 A5 samples to use in my final pieces for the MA Show.  Maggie the digital technician is a total star and got them printed in less than a week, just had to tape ’em and cut ’em which took 2 days!

My theme for the show is Travelling Shows, so I have been researching (honestly, going on the Dodgem’s is research) at Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre in Devon which was fabulous, carved gilded craftsmanship to drool over and some amazing rides that are restored and working fully so you get to test them, hence the aforementioned Dodgem’s. The owner was brilliantly helpful in suggesting books I might like for my thesis too. We did a little detour to Sidmouth for an Ice cream on the way home…..

I have found a company called AutumnDown that are lovely and are going to make up my cushions for me, so no more broken needles and 2hr per cushion manufacture for me, thank God, I hated that bit, too lazy me,designing = fun, making = hell.

The 9 of us completing our MA in September have finally agreed on a plinth design and have put our order in to the university for them to be made up for us to paint, and the lovely Simon Chittendon at work is going to make me some fab circus letters with lights, I almost can’t wait, except Oooh, I am no where near ready, so need every moment of the next six weeks before the end of September rolls round to get up to speed…..

Wish me Luck xxx


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One thought on “Busy, Busy, Busy,

  1. Good luck, Lovely Tabitha! x

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