One down, five to go…..

Well my lambs, I have completed the research methodology module, it killed me dead, and yet I didn’t get 100%, which is a bit worrying, am amused that the ego can’t take a pass, when the stupid ego should be bloody happy that it got anything at all.

However there is good news, I have been asked to write three articles for Patchwork and Quilting magazine all abut me, which is very exciting and not a little daunting. but the new iMac pro and its fab software: I talk it writes, should help enormously. The article about the kids quilt is going in on April the 15th which should be brilliant. Can’t wait, I have been busy looking at collage artists, specifically Peter Clarke and wabi sabi and also Rauschenberg, in an attempt to get inspired enough to start work on some pieces for the next module.

Tomorrow We are going to see Matthew Harris at the Victoria Art Gallery

, before going up to the Uni for the opening of module number 2

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