As I have been doing the research for the module, I have been exploring the concepts of feminity, kitsch and Space (not the stars and planets kind, the creative, absence of stuff kind) I found a link to an artist called Robert Irwin, who had been exploring the concepts of space and light in his work, his work is usually vast and he uses fields of colour in a room to emphasize the physical space, however, what interested me more was that the article I found indicated that he was now using trees to delineate space, palm trees in California to be exact, and that tied in beautifully with some of the ideas I had been having about how to represent space in my work and still keep it from being too abstract.

I also have been looking at the Gee’s Bend Quilts, and trying to work out why it is that I love them so much, I think it is the imperfect humanity of them as well as their very graphic imagery, they have huge amounts of energy and colour, I also think that part of it is that William Arnott and John Beardsley have spent a huge amount of time documenting the lives of the women who made these quilts, so unlike the quilts displayed in the Whitney Museum in 1971 which were anonymous, these quilts are all identified as having been created by individual women, so progress then……

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