My drawing and work prior to starting the MA was tight and controlled, which caused me huge frustration, as I struggled to loosen up and gain a distinctive style, when I work in watercolour I find my drawing to be loosest, but for the graphics in my images I find I need to combine it with other processes to give it the graphic quality I am looking for.



The course has caused me to evaluate myself and my work constantly, Work I was previously happy with has now been relegated, I am always critical of my work, I tend to get bored with it easily, but I am still enthusiastic about some of the work produced since May. I have discovered a love of learning, a persistence, drive and determination in myself that had been undiscovered, for which I am properly grateful. I can be organized in a way that has been hitherto unsuspected, enabling me to be confident that I can meet deadlines and fulfill any future orders.

I am aware that however difficult I have found this course at times, I have also loved every frustrating minute of it, I would never, never, never, have achieved all the knowledge skills, experience, and contacts with out it, I would have prevaricated and procrastinated, and without deadlines in the future, I may struggle once I have finished- something to be aware of.


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