shoal square copy





This was my background, raw edge applique quilts and pictures, mostly to commission but a few that I had made for competitions, I have a vast hoard of commercial fabrics that I collect just because I love them in every colour known to dye manufacturers.



One of my passions, I love the experience of planting a seed and waiting for it to produce fruit and vegetables, I love being able to provide food for my family and I love being able to play Lady Bountiful with the surplus. This however did turn out to be one of my dead ends, I spent huge amounts of time trying to develop images of the allotment that would work for potential buyers and that had a signature identity, so far its not happened, but that’s not to say it won’t.



After New Designers, I was approached by this Australian Organisation, who asked me to enter their global competition  “Anno online design competition celebrates the spirit of creative excellence and gives emerging talent a stage in which to strut their stuff, connect with peers, and network with industry professionals across the world. And of course get their first taste of international recognition and success.[1]” So far I have over 600 views, and 130 votes, but feel free to add more!


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