The A-Z of indiabilly

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This is an evaluation of the two years I have spent undertaking an MA in Design: Textiles at Bath Spa University.

While it would seem logical to complete this in a conventional way, I decided to amuse myself by doing it as an A-Z, this means that while it may not be chronological, it does at least encompass a whole alphabet’s worth of information about the experience I have gained.

When I was advised by a friend, who had seen my work, to apply for the MA and I had researched the course on line, I decided that it would help me to take my work to the next level, it would teach me how to get my work out there, it would give me a legitimacy that I just didn’t have as a practitioner without qualifications, it would also validate me in my own eyes.

On reflection it has done all of those things and more, however, far from being the smooth drive down the motorway that I naively envisaged, it transpired to be a badly pot holed road, that meandered all over the place, doubled back on itself, and had more than one dead end and I was driving blind most of the way.

I had believed that I could continue with the applique pictures I had been making, and maybe improve my sewing skills and work out how to put together a collection, it didn’t turn out that way….

If you find the A-Z approach, annoying, frustrating, amusing, amazing, brilliant and disjointed then you are probably experiencing empathy.

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