MA Show is up!

Well here it is, the distillation of two years jolly hard work, boiled down to 7 hours at the American Museum, putting up my show, The Indiabilly sign looks amazing and we managed to get the 3 large canvases up and level with hardly any sarcasm at all which is good, and the cushions aren’t looking too bad either bless them.  It was a relief that they returned as a family from Tent London in one piece. It all gets judged today, externally examined tomorrow, looked at by Industry on Wednesday, (I have to escort the Deputy Mayor,) the Private View from 6-8 on Thursday and then the hordes of interested public can see it Friday Saturday and Sunday from 12-5 at the American Museum in Britain.

Please feel free to come and see it whenever you like, and keep your fingers crossed for me,til Wednesday when I find out if its all done…..


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2 thoughts on “MA Show is up!

  1. Hey Tab,

    Looks fantasic. On the site (accoring to BlackBerry) this is at the US embersy. But in the real world where is it? Would love to see this ib the flesh.

    Ian X

    • The American Museum in Britain is in Bath Somerset, at Claverton Down, Near University of Bath. I am up there all day Saturday, and you are very welcome! Thanks for the flattering comment, I fully appreciate it!
      Tab x

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