A few of my favorite things

Thought I would post some links to my favorite people and things, or should that be objects, (I would have no problem conspicuosly consuming any or all of these…………..

First up, Edwina Bridgeman who does not have a website yet but this link is to images of her work, which I love for her ability to see personality in found objects, her quirky sense of fun and use of colour. She also tends to examine the spiritual and positive side of being human which I also feel affinity with.

Another person who makes fabulous creatures and little lost lonely people who live in a nostalgic magical place is Julie Arkell she also does not have her own website but images of her work are on this site. I know nostalgia is rightly viewed as a grubby concept in art world, but there is something ‘other’ going on here that makes it thought provoking.

Jeff Soan makes automata, usually sea creatures out of wood, here it is the shape and colours that cause me to buy lottery tickets in the hope of keeping one of his whales in the living room.

Included for their ability to make me drool over the use of colour and the idea of patchworking cupboards is Squint, again, when I win the lottery I am off to buy up the whole shop, I spent an afternoon there in Spitalfields asking them not to look while I stuffed fabric in my bag………………….

Here I have included a link to a page of fauvist paintings, the colours sing and have a visceral effect on me, I see them and want to run outside with some paint and do it myself, I think it is the spontenaity of their line and the sheer joy in living that the paintings express that does it for me, now all I have to do is put that in my work and I would be happy!

so here are a few of my favorite things (no rainbows or ribbons…….yet)

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